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Guide to Hosting Your Own Parties

Don’t we all wish we have that one friend who hosts the coolest gatherings where everyone can just chill and relax over wine and good food? Well why don’t you become that friend and host a party that your friends won’t forget anytime soon? It’s not as complicated as you might think.
Style or Theme
Would it be buffet-style or sit-down dinner party? Are you thinking more along the lines of a costume party or dance party? Your chosen party style or theme would dictate where you’re going to hold your party, who you’re going to invite, what kind of food you’re serving, and how much help you need. Once you’re sure, then you can get on with sending party invitations.
Date and Time
The time your party starts matters a great deal because it helps you know how much food and beverage you need. Obviously, you should allow enough time for your guests (and yourself) to prepare for the event so inform them as early as possible.
Guest List
Hosting a party for a group of friends is definitely a fun idea but you know what would double—or even triple—the fun? A party for different sets of friends! You might feel a bit apprehensive about high school friends and co-workers mingling but isn’t that exactly what parties are for? The chance to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise have met? As long as you do your job as a good party host, everyone will be too busy having fun and getting to know each other and you’ve nothing to be anxious about.
Food and Drinks
If there’s an element to your party that requires your closest attention, it’s the food preparation. Planning the menu and hiring a caterer is only just the start. You have to consider a lot of other things such as making sure that the appetizers and coolers are constantly replenished during the party or accommodating different diet preferences.
Lights and Sound
Depending on what kind of party you’re having, you also need to make proper preparations for lighting and music.  Good background music and relaxed but ample lighting helps your guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. If you’re hosting a relatively huge party, hiring entertainment is something you need to add to your to-do list.
A good host makes their guest feel pampered from the moment they arrive. Plan where your visitors can put their things and make sure there are enough areas for guests to sit and mingle comfortably, without getting in the way of other guests. If you’re having a buffet, it should be positioned where anyone can easily have access. Another important consideration: the restrooms should be clean and ready for guests who may want to refresh themselves. 
Activities and Games
You might try to think up of an activity or two to keep your guests entertained. Again depending on your party theme, you could have a designated area where people could participate in activities, like maybe play board games or take a dip in the pool (hopefully you noted in your invitation that it’s going to be a pool party). A beer-pong set-up can keep people preoccupied for hours.
Enjoy Yourself
Don’t forget to enjoy yourself; it’s your party after all! As long as you’re well-prepared and managed to take care of all the important details, all that’s left for you to do is introduce your boss around, catch up with your college buddies, or maybe even enjoy a conversation with your co-worker Joanne’s handsome cousin.